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Totalitarianism does not necessarily exist in the form of a government. Totalitarian practices are also found in other forms of organization such as in guerrilla groups. Here I compile pictures of one of the most brutal narco terrorist groups of the modern world - the FARC of Colombia.

May 27th marked the 45 anniversary of its foundation. Although in their beginnings in the early 1960s the FARC was a Marxist guerilla, this changed drastically after the fall of communism in 1989 when they stopped receiving funds from Cuba and other governments and turned into the biggest known army of drug dealers and terrorists in the world. With connections to the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez, links to the IRA, ETA, the Russian mafia and even terrorist groups in the Middle East, this group of narco terrorists of 15,000 actively works on drug cultivation and production, attacks civilizan populations, and sistematically kidnaps minors, forcing them to subhuman conditions, rapes and forced labor. Whereas they still play the political card, in reality kidnapping and drug dealing are the biggest source of finance and objective of the FARC. they argue that they fight for socialism but that is only a mascarade for their crimnal activities.

The FARC are considered a terrorist group by all international groups. Throughout their existence they have been responsible for the assassination, torture and kisnapping of hundred of thousands of Colombians.
One of their most detestable practices is the forced kidnapping of minors and sexual enslavements of adolescent girls. Under captivity these girls are raped by the FARC "chiefs" and then forced to abort.

This colombian child was brutally murdered by the FARC after an attack of that group to a civilizan population

Members of the 'Front 27' of the FARC decapitated this child, engaging in a typical act of barbarity. They accused this minor of not sharing their ideals and refusing to join them. After murdering they filled his body with explosives and send him in a gift wrap to the Colombian army. With the body came a letter in whcih they openly assumed responsibility for the crime and to make things for tetric they made "fun" of their actions. His crime was committed in the department of Meta.

This is the note of the FARC found in the body of the murdered child. In it the FARC recognize responsibility.

At the Municipality of Santander de Quilichao Department of Cauca. September 13, 1997. Narco Terrorists of the Jacobo Arenas (6th Front of the FARC) found themselves surrounded by the army and in retaliation opened fire without caring for the presence of civilians in the area. As a result, Gloria Lorenza Esperanza Guetio Ipia, aged 10 was killed. Three other little girls: MARIA ANTONIA IPIA POSCUE, AMALIA YULE IPIA, LAURA MARCELA IPIA (niña) were wounded.

Torture and assassination of Rodrigo Paraquive by the FARC. May 19, 1993. Municipality of Florián, Department of Santander. Piraquive died as a result of a brutal torture that involved burning his face with sulfuric acid, then decapitated and shot in the head.

Massacre of young Afro Colombians in the city of Buenaventura. April 1st, 2005.

These are the FARC 'Concentration Camps' where the group confines those that are kidnapped in brutal conditions reminesenct of Auswitch. Prisioners are kept in 'cages' as slaves and forced to cruels and degradant tretments.

13 year old adolescent kidnapped by the FARC.

A FARC 'Soldier Boy' October 2, 2007.

Human Rights Organization clearly condenm and prohibit the use of minors in armed conflicts.

A disturbing picture. As a trophy of war this picture captures the moment in which these children and adolescents are kidnapped and FARC members celebrate.

According to statistics over 649 minors have been victims of mined fields planted by the FARC and the ELN (another guerilla group in Colombia).

A study reveled that between 1980 and January 1, 2008 - 140 girls, 498 boys and 11 adolescent under 18 were known victims of crafted mines designed by the FARC. The study revealed that in the departments of ntioquia, Cundinamarca, Santander, Boyacá, Cauca, Nariño, Tolima, Bolívar, Norte de Santander and Meta present numerous mined camps without yet exploting. Today, over 688 municipalities in 31 of the 32 departments of Colombia are planted with personal mines. This means that 62% of Colombian territory is planted with mines. For this reasons the Colombian army in the past years have actively send their anti explosive squads to actively engage in the essential and yet dangerous task of cleaning Colombia of mines.

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  1. MUERTE A los marxistas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Walter Foral Liebsch
    Chileno en Austria desde 1995

  2. Hola idiota -- That picture of the Buenaventura massacre is from a massacre committed by the paras. Do your research before posting lies. Thanks.

  3. My dear iracund reader Jessy Taylor,

    As a democrat, I kindly encourage you to leave insults for extremists.

    Keep in mind that this is not about “caring” for the image of terrorist groups, it is ultimately about the victims and the impact that delinquent groups such as FARC and AUC have over human lives.

    Blaming or exempting the narco-terrorist FARC from one more killing will not make a huge difference in the image it has cultivated as professional assassins of the Colombian people. Your logic raises some questions: It is like assuming that Al Capone will be judged less severely by history if we knew that he was responsible for 99 and not 100 killings.

    As an organization trained in drug trafficking and terrorism, there is vast evidence that the FARC is responsible for the killings, kidnappings and disappearances of tens of thousands of Colombians over the past decades.

    In regards to the Buenaventura Massacre of April 1, 2005 fingers are pointed to both FARC and the AUC (paramilitaries). However no credible evidence exists as one resulting from a Court of Law to reach a definitive conclusion about the culpability of either group.

    I believe that both groups are equally capable of committing heinous crimes of this nature.

    Nevertheless, as credible evidence is absent I am inclined to think that it was the FARC.

    Perhaps the most objective approach would be to simply describe this as a massacre perpetrated by either the FARC or the AUC - with a BIG question.

    My respect for the Colombian people and specially all those brave men and women of the National Army of Colombia (Ejercito Nacional) who courageously fight against the FARC and the paramilitaries.

    Many thanks for reading my blog.

    El Compañero.

  4. Well. With all due respect I would want to know where did you get those pictures? They arer eally strong, I haven't seen them before. As a colombian, I feel a lot of pain for this fucking conflict in my beloved land. I was looking for northkorean images and suddenly I found this blog and then I found pictures like those from Colombia, my country. I think is ok to know about FARC, Paramilitaries and other assasinations and violation of Human Rights in Colombia, but I believe that those images of your post are so strong and you should remove them. This is not for historical memory, it is for respect for those victims and their families and respect for all of us: the colombian people. We'd really appreciate that. Thank you.

  5. Dear Administrator,

    Thanks for visiting my Blog.

    The sources of those images have already referred in the section titled “The FARC of Colombia: Totalitarian Narco Terrorists.” These pictures were extracted from a variety of newspaper reports and organizations that denounce human rights violations in Colombia in regards to the force enslavement of Children for war purposes.

    About removing the pictures I understand your concern but please take into consideration that these pictures were originally posted throughout numerous reports and newspaper articles published throughout the web.

    The ‘Totalitarian Images’ Blog is educational and also intended to condemn human rights abusers. It is meant to inform/educate people on the horrors of totalitarian regimes and groups. It uses images, posters and other visual aids as the central means of communication. In my view, despite of the disturbing nature of these images, they serve to motivate public awareness about the horrors of totalitarian ideas and also as a means to make visible those responsible for crimes against humanity. If you for example look into the Nazi holocaust, the Soviet Gulags or the Khmer Rouge you will come across web sites with similar images.

    It is in this context and with the utmost respect for the victims in Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea and other latitudes that I publish these images, with the understanding that they can be disturbing to certain people.

    Thanks for your input and your interest in my Blog.