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Repression against political opponents in North Korea is extensive to the entire family across generations.

North Korea is probably the most totalitarian and repressive regime of our time. Under the Juche ideology, persecution of dissidents include consequences for the entire family and descendants. This means that if the grandfather committed a political "crime" in 1955, their offspring in the 21st century are still pointed "as enemies" of the government and sent to concentration camps.

In North Korea a crime could be something as extreme as not bowing properly in front of the "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il

The Juche Tower in Pyonyang

The Juche Tower (officially referred to as the Tower of the Juche Ideology) is a monument situated in Korea's capital Pyonyang. Its construction was finished in 1982 and it is located across from the Kim Il Sung Square. The geographical coordinates of its location are 39°1'3.52"N, 125°45'48.05"E. Construction of the tower was commissioned by the state on the occassion of the 70th birthday of Kim Il Sung. It is rumored the tower was designed by Kim Il Yung's son - the current ruler Kim Jong Il

Linked to the tower is a sculpture of 30 meters height represented by three figures: A hammer, an ox and a pen representing workers, peasants and intellectuals.

The name of the tower comes from the Juche Ideology developed by Kim Il Sung through a combination of anarchy, auto dependence, Korean traditionalism and socialism.

Concentration Camps

The approximate number of camps is as follows: Four death camps and 17 forced labor camps:

- Three caps for women((Kaechon [S. Pyong-an] [2], Sinuiju [N. Pyong-an])
- Four camps for pregnant women subjected to forceful aborts and infanticide (Nongpo/Chongjin City [N. Hamgyong], Onsong [N. Hamgyong], Oro [S. Hamgyong], Yodok [S. Hamgyong])
- Two camps for women with children(Bukchang [S. Pyong-an], Hwasong [N. Hamgyong])
- In the camps there are 13 places designed for tortures, one of them in (Hamju-kun [S. Hamgyong])to torture women exclusively

Death Camps

- Danchun [Province S. Hamgyong] (Prisoners are forced to work in gold mining, death by hunger and subhuman conditions are prevalent)
- Haengyong [Province N. Hamgyong] (Prisoners are forced to work in coal mining and farms are labored by men, women and children. Mass muurder by gas chamber is reported here
- Jeonger-ri [Province N. Hamgyong] (Prisoners are forced to work in copper mining and iron as well as logging, brick production and farm work. Many are deliberately murdered in gas chambers and forced to die of starvation. Images that bring back the worst of Nazism

Selling Images to the World

North Korea like other totalitarian states is known for its famous grandiose "celebrations" and mass rallies.

Pioneer Camps

Indoctrination of children and youth is brutal in North Korea, even worst than in Cuba. The leader of the Communist Youth is the son of Kim Il Jong, future successor to the totalitarian throne.

Among other things if a child comes out of a classroom and passes through a hall with the portrait of Kim Il Jong (common in all schools) it has to praise the great leader in loud voice.

The existence of intellectuals in North Korea is a mere joke. Rather than independent thinking their role is to memorize the complete works of Kim Il Sung. Artists are prohibited to use any form of abstract paining: all has to be 'Socialist Realism.

Children in this picture are probably in a 'Pioneer's Camp.' As ironic as this might seem those who are here are the "lucky" ones as they are the family of the elites, the only ones authorized to live in the capital Pyonyang. Beyond the capital lies the vast country side where starvation and living conditions are brutal.


Note how the spontaneity of these children is discouraged. They cannot freely ride, they have to do so strictly under the "marked lanes."

Probably raising their hands as an ode to the "Dear Leader" Kim Il Jong,

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