Tuesday, May 19, 2009


All totalitarian regimes share similarities. Regardless of their disguise as Revolutionaries, Socialists, Fascists, Nazis and Nationalists they all persecute targeted groups (Jews, homosexuals, Jehova Witnesses, gypsies, bourgeoisie, political dissidents, etc) and establish terror, propaganda, cult of personality and the secret police are essential means to workings of these regimes. In general all totalitarian rulers reject and disdain liberal or parliamentary democracy. One has to remember that during World War Two Adolf Hitler chose to make a pact (not with a western democratic government) but with a relative totalitarian regime as it was the case with the non aggression pact signed with the Soviet Union.

The Harmony Boys
By David Low.
First published on 2nd May 1940.

Personalities (from L-R)
Mussolini, Benito
Franco, General Francisco
Stalin, Joseph
Hitler, Adolf

University of Kent: Centre for the Study of Propaganda and War

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