Friday, June 5, 2009


One of the most systematic practices of totalitarian regimes is the systematic falsification of official documents to fit into the ruler's particular agenda.

Stalin and Yezhov.

Stalin - Yezhov erased.

Stalin's bloody reign is not without certain irony. Nikolai Yezhov, the young man strolling with Stalin, is shot in 1940. It seems only fitting that when Yezhov is removed from the photograph he is replaced by the waters of the Moscow-Volga Canal. Yezhov was commissar of water transport.

Lenin and Trotsky celebrate the second anniversary of the Russian Revoloution in Red Square.

Lenin Celebrates, but Trotsky has been airbrushed out.

Trotsky and Lenin (top center of stairs) in 1919 photograph of a Red Square celebration is of the anniversary of the revolution. To make it suitable for a 1967 book of Lenin Photos, Trotsky is removed.

Source: 'The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs in Stalin's Russia

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