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Full Name: Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina. AKA 'El Jefe' (the chief), AKA 'El Chivo' (the goat), AKA 'Chapita' (bottle top).
Dates in Power: 1930-1937, 1942-1952
Country:Dominican Republic.
Repression: Around 20,000 Haitians killed in 1937. (Estimates of the number of Haitians killed vary from several hundred to 30,000.) An unknown number of Dominican dissidents and opposition figures killed during his 31-year reign.
Distinguishing Aspects of Trujillo: Cult of Personality, caudillo mentality, anticommunism, extreme nationalism and sexual displays as a means of attracting popular support.
Brief Biography in Wikipedia
Chronology and Biography in Killers and Heroes of the 20th Century
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Poster that reads: The Domincan Party: Rectitude, Liberty and Work. From its the The Dominican Party was established by dictator Trujillo to serve his own interests. Through fear and psychological pressure this became the only party in the Dominican Republic where (ironically) even the most fervent opponents of the regimen were members

Trujillo Stamp. Cult of Personality became one of the most significant aspect of the Trujillo regime as well as the use of history to justify his dictatorship. The dominican people were made to believe that they needed a superman and a Mesiah like Trujillo to guide their destinies.

In official photos Trujillo appeared surrounded by women (either his wife and daughters) as a means to portray the macho characteristics of the dictator and a way to appeal for support. For more information and research on this fascinating topic see book by Lauren Derby titled 'The Dictator's Seduction: Politics and the Popular Imagination in the Era of Trujillo'

See Photo Gallery and biography of Trujillo in Spanish

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