Tuesday, April 24, 2012


What is his name? His name is Andrés Carrión Alvares. He is 38 years old, with a BA in Social Rehabilitation and a native of Santiago de Cuba.

What did he do? He dared to speak out and shouted 'FREEDOM FOR CUBA,' 'DOWN WITH THE DICTATORSHIP' 'DOWN WITH COMMUNISM' during Pope's Benedict XVI mass at the Antonio Maceo Square in Santiago de Cuba on March 26, 2012.

Consequences? He was detained and beaten by agents of the Cuban State Security. Up to this day Carrión is arrested in Santiago de Cuba pending trial. 

With his act of bravery, Carrión reminds the world of those like China's tankman, the anonymous hero who captured the world's attention when he stood up in font of a column of tanks to prevent the Chinese army from massacring protesters during the Tianamen Rebellion on June 5, 1989.
Note: Andrés Carrión was released today (April 23, 2012). It is significant to note that the pressure exerted by blogs, social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and other media outlets worldwide led the Castro regime to take this decision. Carrión's release is conditional. He will be on a police watch list and will be detained every time a public demonstration takes place in Cuba.

Top 3 photos of Andrés Carrión referred via Twitter from Aguaya Berlín
Photo of China's Tankman taken from China Digital Times 

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